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About Joy's Dance House & Miss Joy

 About The Joy's Dance House & Miss Joy

Miss Joy is a mother of 5 first and foremost, but her true passion has always dance. Miss Joy is trained in many dance styles including Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Ballet, Pointe, Modern and Gymnastics. Miss Joy has held various titles from many pageants as well. She was brought up in a small town in Sussex County, NJ where being apart of the New York City and Hollywood spotlight was not an unusual part of her life. Miss Joy comes from a family of singers and entertainers, gracing many stages in the 70's. At one point, Miss Joy's parents were called the Country Western King and Queen!

Miss Joy was born and bred in the entertainment industry, starting off her performance career as a toddler with her parents. Soon after, she was discovered in New York as a child model and worked under the Lil' Rascals Modeling Agency, where many famous child actors and models got their starts as well! Through this, Miss Joy became the very first Cabbage Patch Kid and Strawberry Shortcake Model, in addition to becoming Macy's first child model! Miss Joy has been featured on the cover of Women's Day Magazine, and in other ad campaigns. Miss Joy enjoyed working as a model with the most adorable face, but during photo shoots when the music would come on, nothing could keep her still. All she wanted to do was DANCE!

Miss Joy left New York with her family to focus on being a kid, attending school and spending time doing things she loved. She was enrolled in all genres of dance, keeping busy with training with only one goal in mind, to be on stage! Miss Joy's star was born for the first time when she took the stage in Trenton, NJ, where she experienced the thrill of showcasing her hard work and dedication under the spotlights. Miss Joy went on to compete in all dance styles, winning numerous high score, scholarship, entertainment and top dancer awards at prestigious competitions including, but not limited to Showstoppers, Encore, Star Systems and Star Power. 

Miss Joy began student teaching at the age of 12, and from the first day, she knew she was meant to be a dance teacher. She began working as a teacher and choreographer for many schools around New Jersey, and got the opportunity to perform with some of the greatest in the industry before opening her own school. To this day, Miss Joy loves to take her own students back to her roots, stating "my passion for dance and for teaching has never changed."  Miss Joy has had students continue on to become professional dancers, teachers and choreographers, and loves to see her former students continue to work and grow in an industry she loves so much. 

After closing her first school in 2007 and moving away from where she grew up, Miss Joy found that she greatly missed both dancing and teaching. It was a part of her, and giving it up was not an option! Miss Joy fell into a job at the Woodbridge Community Center that would grow from a small program of 12 children, to a large program of over 145 kids. With such an overwhelming response, Miss Joy realized just how much she truly missed teaching and wanted to do more. She began by renting hours at various spaces in the community where she was able to teach classes for children who were not able to get into her program at the center. Soon after, Miss Joy came across a family friend with a dance studio for rent and a week later, Joy's Dance House was born! 

Joy's Dance House is a company founded on the belief that there is a dancer inside everyone. We welcome children and adults of all ages, races, genders and levels of ability and we love to build close bonds with our students. We love to watch our student succeed in their skill, technique and love of dance, nothing makes us happier! At Joy's Dance House, we aren't just teachers, we are positive role models who are passionate about our craft! We believe that with determination and the proper training, anyone can become the dancer they have always wanted to be! Joy's Dance House offers structured classes at affordable prices for everyone. Our promise is to always keep your experience at Joy's Dance House fun and rewarding. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals. Our entire team is committed to meeting your needs!

Our teachers & assistants:

Miss Joy - Miss Brielle - Mr Toby - Miss Gina - Miss Kolyn

Miss Colleen - Miss Adreanna - Miss Nayaliz - Miss Ally - Mr Jordan

Miss Nina - Miss Yaz - Miss Emily - Miss Arianna - Miss Ania

Miss Gianna - Miss Becca - Miss Gigi - Miss Emma - Miss Cami

We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry.